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Nature is an infinitely diverse mosaic. Every single piece –animals, plants, mushrooms and even bacteria and viruses- plays a transcendent and irreplaceable role.  Thousands of millions of years have taken it to get to the magnificent world where we live. Humans have changed its equilibrium to a more than critical situation, where we all are endangered. Its indescribable diversity of life is on the highest risk, a diversity on which we depend for food, energy, medicine, shelter, recreation and much more. But, beyond our needs for survival, we do not have the right to destroy nor to alter this unparalleled masterpiece of millions of creatures.

Now it is time to make a decision. We have to choose whether our attitudes and activities led to Nature´s destruction –and ours, of course, as a part of it- or to its preservation. There is no other puzzle like this in the whole Universe, nor we will have the chance to get a second opportunity. The pieces are in your hands.

This work is homage to the peoples of Rwanda, that small country of the thousand hills and the thousand smiles. Despite of its dramatic history and the many problems it is facing, it bets for a green economy and alternative policies, where both, humans and nature, could benefit from each other; where Natures respect and preservation will conduct to the best health and wealth of its population. We also bet for Her, as an example to the rest of the world.

The work was done by the invitation of Art Works for Change and the help of United Nations Environment Program, for the celebration of the World Environment Day, celebrated in Kigali, Rwanda, on June 3rd, 2010.

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The renovation of tropical forests depends on the seed dispersers. Many medium size and big mammals and birds feed upon the abundance and diversity of fruits the jungle produces, taking their seeds away from the parental plants, which warranties their reproduction. Many of that animals have been heavily hunted and depleted so the long term survival of the forests is on risk. A forest without seed dispersers is a dead forest.