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58 días

58 días

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58 days



Multilayer mono-channel video HD

Duration: 03:43”

Colaboración de Beatriz Santini y Giancarlo Orco



On 15 April 2020, the Bangladeshi coast guard rescued 382 Rohingya refugees adrift in Bangladeshi territorial waters. They had been at sea for 58 days and were starving. Already 32 of them had died since they set sail and their bodies were dumped in the water.


The tragedy of the Rohingya - the most persecuted human group in the world, according to the UN - began in 2017, following a brutal military crackdown on members of this ethnic minority, isolated among Myanmar's Buddhist majority. Thousands take to the sea in an attempt to reach Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia. But fleeing their country, as with all migrants, does not bring relief to the Rohingya. In many cases, they are victims of trafficking in the receiving countries. Prostitution, child exploitation and slavery await them. There is even a clandestine policy by the Kingdom of Thailand to sell refugees arriving in its waters to human trafficking gangs, and those who do not qualify to be traded are simply killed.

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