Diffuse borders (fragment). 2021
HD Video (4K, multi-layer mono-channel video), audio
Full video duration: 2:50¨ for loop


Years ago I learned that one of my paternal great-grandmothers had been a Timote, a native people from Venezuela. I recently took a DNA test to confirm this news. To my great surprise, I found out that not only my great-grandmother belonged to such a people, but I also learned that my DNA contains genetic information from at least 21 human groups from all over the planet. My genome has my ancestors from the Americas (13%), Africa (8%), Europe (67%), Asia (2.5%) and the Middle East (3.3%) well represented. I am the sum of millions of very diverse people, and this is a very common trait in our vast continent.


Latin America is a great melting pot in which countless native cultures have mixed with European, Asian and African cultures, becoming a gigantic tree with thousands of branches and roots. For centuries, our ancestors have met and shared their heritage, forming a human landscape of undefined limits, with a single heart that pumps our mixed blood.


The Kogui of Colombia say that the Universe is a great loom, and that to live is to weave. Abia Yala is a great weaving in which the genes, beliefs, cuisine, music, languages, knowledge and loves of our ancestors are interwoven like threads. This video is constructed from the superimposed portraits of people from the 21 sites detected in my DNA, keeping my gaze as the central axis and generating a tapestry of blurred borders, like our own.