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La búsqueda (fragmento)

La búsqueda (fragmento)

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The search



Multilayer mono-channel video HD

Duration: 03:10”

Collaboration of Alejandro Antoni



Not everyone is indifferent to the tragedy of the migrants who, across the length and breadth of the planet, throw themselves into the great waters, fully aware that their lives may end in that attempt. While bureaucracy, fascism, indolence and wickedness play on their boards and decide the fate of thousands and thousands, many others dedicate - and risk - their lives to support and lend a hand to the victims of so much abuse. These are the rescuers, who, with meagre and insufficient means, spend hours and hours searching the endless corners of the infinite waters for needles in the haystack. They also suffer from hunger, cold and exhaustion. Dazed, exhausted, confused, facing mafias and cynical authorities, they continue their tireless work, hoping to find and rescue some human whose fate fills them with shame and pain. This video is dedicated to the heroic work of these people who vindicate the human condition.

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